Who we are

With Pandocs we want to motivate you in a playful way to improve your lifestyle by means of challenges in the areas of mental well-being, exercise and nutrition. In addition, we not only offer you daily inspiring challenges, but also a specially designed reward model that documents every progress in your development towards a better and healthier life. For you to stay ambitious and pursue your health goals with enthusiasm, we provide you with rewards, medals, rankings and statistics that should motivate you every day. We want to make a positive contribution to people’s health and to support and connect them on their way there.


Address: Pandocs GmbH, Hart 19, 4343 Mitterkirchen, Austria.
Email: hello@pandocs.com


These general terms and conditions (GTC) apply to all legal transactions concluded between Pandocs and a natural, legally competent person (B2C / B2B). In addition to the basic functions offered by Pandocs, there are also included the provisions for a premium membership and a business client.

Contract language

The language used in connection with Pandocs documents is German.


Registration is required to use the Pandocs services. The minimum age for the creation of an account can vary depending on the country; this depends on the legal capacity to be reached and the approval of these terms and conditions will. The costs for the internet connection are to be offset by the mobile operator and to be paid by you. Business clients log into the web client via the browser in order to be able to use Pandocs. You can also register in our app using a Google, Facebook or Apple account. When registering with one of the three named accounts, you agree that Pandocs may contact the respective service. During this process, various login data and statistics are compared or transferred with the respective company. The data given in the course of the registration process must be true. The account data as well as the registration date and time of login are saved.

Scope of services

Basic functions

Basically, a free basic function is freely available to you. This includes the following services: For completing several challenges and each time you increase your level, you collect so-called “glory points”. If you have collected enough points, you can exchange them for instant prizes or participation in competitions. Our virtual elements and goods are not transferable to others. Furthermore, our app contains images, videos, quotes, statistics, live content, push notifications, competitions and quizzes on the topics of fitness, motivation, health, food, sport, some of which are also included in the basic function. There is also the possibility to network with your friends and to exchange content and successes.
By providing various multimedia content, you will always be provided with the latest content by Pandocs. This content can be expanded with a premium membership (more on this later).

Pandocs Business

The Pandocs Admin App makes it possible to use Pandocs as a health care program for employees or for communities. It is up to the company to create exclusive challenges (e.g. quizzes, action days) and rewards (e.g. meal vouchers) for its employees. When setting up the account, the company has the option of uploading a company description and pictures. These data must correspond to the truth and the legal framework (see legal). Pandocs serves as a kind of platform and enables employees or the community to enter business codes in the app (codes are given to the company against payment of money) to connect the company account to their existing account. The employees receive the necessary codes from their company. The codes are redeemed in the settings. Employees and the community also have the option of assigning themselves to a department (e.g. IT department) in which they also work. In the course of this, Pandocs Premium will be activated. The company itself can split up the administrative accounts in order to get a better overview and to ensure that certain areas (for example only accounting can access the invoice) are only visible to selected people. Furthermore, through this contract, the company has the right to view statistics as well as the restricted functional behavior in the interests of the employees or community (for example: how many health points, completed challenges and participated rewards) and to adjust the features accordingly. This enables targeted WHM / WHP measures to be set and the results to be evaluated.
Of course, the basic functions remain in place for you.


Your account contains personal data (profile picture, name, date of birth and any information that you are willing to add) and can be expanded with a premium membership.


Advertising can be distributed by Pandocs or third parties and appear in the app.


You are responsible for checking the identity of other users with whom you want to get in contact. Pandocs may create special or free offers to which additional conditions and / or restrictions may apply. Furthermore, Pandocs reserves the right to change the functionality and performance framework (glory points, health points). There will be no reimbursement for a fee, provided that no significant changes have been made. You may only upload content (for example an image or the company name) if you have the usage rights for it or if you have obtained all the necessary legal provisions or licenses.

Sweepstakes and competitions

All sweepstakes, competitions, prize money and prizes are sponsored by Pandocs or the respective named sponsor and cannot be associated with “Apple Inc.” or “Google Inc.”. The raffle is closed to the public. Any prizes or other rewards in the app are not Apple or Google products; nor do they have a connection with Apple or Google. Pandocs offers the opportunity to collect health points and glory points by completing challenges. It is consistently a & nbsp; skill-based competition . Those people who have won in the app under the specified game rules will normally be notified of the prize via their specified email address or in the app. If there is no response or collection of the prize, the right to the prize expires within 30 days. In no event shall Pandocs be responsible for any problems arising during this process. In addition, Pandocs is not obliged to play out the prizes, this applies in particular if the end of the game steals the profit through illegal gaming practices. In the event that the virtual goods or real values ​​are not transferred, Pandocs GmbH is not liable for them and cannot be prosecuted for them. Cash redemption for prizes is not permitted. It is the responsibility of the respective sponsor to ensure compliance with all statutory provisions and any gaming taxes that may be required.

Premium Membership

Every standard membership can be upgraded to a premium membership. Premium membership is freely selectable by you and includes the same terms and conditions as standard usage. With the upgrade to a premium membership you agree to meet the minimum age according to valid law and have the right to conclude contracts.

Premium extensions

With a premium membership, additional services are offered in addition to the basic functions. In the near future, the following functions are planned or have already been implemented):

  • Extended statistics
  • Further training content (more videos)
  • Individual design of the profile
  • Streak bonus
  • Freedom of advertising
  • Premium Challenges
  • Premium Medals

The subscription period must be paid for in advance and, unless canceled, is automatically extended to the next period. The amount to be paid for the renewal corresponds to the current standard price of the respective subscription. Payment can vary depending on the country, which is why we (only) list the most common options here: Payment via your Apple or Google account, billing via mobile phone bill, Apple ID cards, Pan Kontakt, iDeal, credit card, debit card, PayPal, Google Play credit or Gift cards as well as via your Mypaysafecard account.

Termination and deletion of the account

Standard membership

You can cancel at any time without giving a reason. To do this, you can stop using the app. In connection with the termination there is the deletion of the account.

Premium Membership

The same rules apply to premium members. The services that were used during the 3-month or 1-year payment period will be charged for the period in which they were used. A monthly payment will be offset for the current month and will not be waived or refunded if the contract is terminated. After the mutually outstanding services have been provided, the users are downgraded to standard membership and continue to receive the basic functions. The self-paid premium membership can be canceled in the account settings or in the App Store / Play Store under Subscriptions.


Pandocs reserves the right to terminate the contract without giving a reason for private users. Justified reasons for the termination of the legal transaction would be the following cases:

  • Violation of the terms and conditions
  • Violation of copyright
  • Hacking execution
  • Phishing execution
  • Incorrect or incomplete data
  • Fraudulent intent
  • Abusive use
  • Use of racist material
  • Cheating as an exclusion criterion
  • Violation of the general applicable law

As soon as the termination has been issued by Pandocs, the contractual relationship between the two contracting parties ends without notice. The same provisions apply to the payment of fees as discussed under Premium Membership. The account will be deleted without reimbursement of services.

Right of withdrawal for premium membership


The right of withdrawal for users is 14 working days and begins on the first day of the conclusion of the contract. Within this time you can announce your revocation without giving reasons and withdraw from the contract. You can cancel your contract in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Business customers can terminate the contract in the business client.


The consequences of the cancellation relate to the mutual reimbursement of services within a period of 30 working days. If you are not able to pay for the service in full, we will demand compensation. Despite the revocation, this could lead to payment obligations for this period.

Withdrawal form

In order to exercise your right of cancellation, please adapt the respective subscription settings or send the sample cancellation form (attachment to the terms and conditions) as an email, letter or fax to Google or Apple.


Your health is important to us. However, the content provided by Pandocs is not a recommendation for action and does not constitute a supplement or a substitute for medical treatment. By accepting our terms and conditions, you agree that you, as a user, are solely responsible for your health. We therefore do not guarantee any improvements in diseases through our app. Its sole purpose is to provide and support users with training, tips for dishes and the provision of information (in the areas of fitness, health, meditation, mental strength).
With regard to the data made available by the business client, liability on our part is excluded, as we have no influence on it.
We assume no liability for lost data or for error-free work and software (for example errors in fitness plans) or falsification by third parties. Use is at your own risk, which is why we will not eliminate or replace problems and damage when downloading (e.g. downloading a virus). We also exclude any liability towards third party providers. The reasons for the exclusion of liability are based on the assumption of slight negligence.

License for private users

We grant you a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable license to use the app for your personal purposes. Usage rules are to be followed, which result from the terms and conditions written down here, your device (smartphone) and the rules from the Google Play or Apple Store, which our app makes available. Any other use is excluded without exception.
We have the right to intellectual property on all data (with the exception of personal data; see data protection declaration) that can be found in the app. Your rights are limited to those areas that are expressly mentioned in the terms and conditions.

Changes to the terms and conditions

If there is only a minor change to the terms and conditions, we will make the new terms and conditions available for you in the app. Of course, we need your consent in the event of significant changes. You will then receive an e-mail from us with the respective changes in good time (at least 14 days before the changes come into effect) and you have 14 days to raise your objection.

Severability Clause

Should one or more provisions of this contract be or become legally ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provision will be replaced as soon as possible by another provision that comes as close as possible to the economic content of the legally ineffective provision.

Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction for the decision of all disputes arising from this contract is Linz, Austria.


Withdrawal form

With this letter I would like to withdraw from the contract for the provision of the following service:
Ordered on:
Received on:
E-mail address:
Signature (only necessary if you send it on paper):

(last update: 08/18/2021)