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The new app for your healthy lifestyle.

The app made sure that I successfully developed really healthy routines and lived my life healthier!
Pandocs User
Easy to use, motivating, and the right challenge for every day ☀️ Love it!
Very cool idea. I also love that this app not only pays attention to the body, but also to the mind (meditation, mental training, ...).
Pandocs User
Great app, easy to use, strong workouts and great challenges (which you especially face yourself).
Thank you for this app - you make every day life a little more colorful and motivate me to break out of habits! Such a great idea and good implementation!
Pandocs User
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Physically and mentally fit

“You don’t play with health!” – Yes, but we do it anyway. With Pandocs, you collect points for healthy behavior that you can exchange for exciting rewards.

Pandocs App

Get great rewards

Completing challenges daily gives you points that you can exchange for exciting rewards and raffles from partners like John Harris.


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A healthy day is a good day

It is important now to take care of your physical and mental health. With Pandocs you get new ideas every day for a structured and healthy daily routine. Be the best version of yourself with Pandocs!