Our vision for a better future

At Pandocs, we have an exciting vision. Together we are on our way through these special times and deal with the challenges that COVID-19 is causing worldwide. What connects us? The deep connection to drive innovations that enrich life in meaningful ways.

Our message is clear: healthy people don’t need treatment. We are convinced that there is a need for a change in Austrian and global health care. The new focus is on primary prevention. Because there is no better investment than in our personal health.

Wir haben uns von Anfang an die Frage gestellt: Wie können wir mit Technologie die Gesellschaft dazu ermutigen, gesund zu bleiben? In Zusammenarbeit mit Medizinern und Expertinnen für öffentliche Gesundheit wurde eine Anwendung entwickelt, die Verbesserungen des Lebensstils durch Technologie fördert. Dabei werden Challenges, Aktivitätscoachings und Anreize geschaffen, um Menschen zu ermutigen, gesunde Gewohnheiten anzunehmen.


This includes daily activity goals that can be achieved not only by walking but also by hiking, yoga, weight training, and other activities. Quizzes and wellness challenges are aimed at improving sleeping habits and mindfulness, as well as promoting better food choices. Rewards will be given for achieving these goals and challenges.

We are particularly proud of the collaboration with our research partners. We work hand in hand with partners from the University of Vienna, Hagenberg University of Applied Sciences, Wiener Neustadt University of Applied Sciences and St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences.

The resulting challenges in the areas of fitness, mental well-being and nutrition form the Pandocs triangle – our logo. They are the cornerstones of our concept for holistic health care. The last piece missing to complete the triangle is you!

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